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Healthy Eating

At Heath Barn Pre School we are very much aware of the importance of providing a positive influence on children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards food and a healthy lifestyle.


The sharing of food at snack time and lunchtime plays an important part in the social life of the pre school as well as reinforcing the children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating.   Water is freely available throughout the day.


Snack Time

Snack time forms an integral part of the children’s learning and is run on a ‘self serve’ basis.  Children take their name card to the adult supervising snack and (with help as appropriate) pour their drink and then select a snack.


Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are offered daily, along with milk or water.  In addition, items such as toast, crumpets, crackers and breadsticks will also be offered during the week.



As we do not provide lunch on-site, children staying for lunch will need to bring a packed lunch; please see our Healthy Eating policy for some guidance on the contents of packed lunches.  As fridge space is not available in preschool parents are advised to send packed lunches in insulated bags with freezer blocks to keep food fresh.


We understand that some children are ’fussy’ eaters and that it is a major step to get

some children to eat anything at all. We would want parents to let us know if this is the case so that we can deal with such children sensitively and with encouragement and praise for what they have eaten.


If your child has not eaten very much of their lunch, we will re- wrap it and send it home in their lunch box so that you are aware of how much your child has eaten.


Please remember that nuts and nut products (e.g. peanut butter) and shellfish should never be sent to preschool because of allergy concerns.

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