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Heath Barn has been a parent committee group since its formation in the 1970’s.  The committee acts in a management role, similar to a school’s governing body, and will be involved in decision making which affects the group and social/fundraising events.   The day to day management of the group is the responsibility of the Preschool Manager and she will attend committee meetings to provide information and updates. 


A new committee is formed during the Autumn term and must have a named Chair, Treasurer and Secretary; other committee members can hold responsibility for safety, fundraising, newsletters, or be ‘happy helpers’.  The preschool holds indemnity insurance so that no individual committee members have a financial liability.


Committee meetings are held at a time to suit parents so may be during the day or in the evening – they are normally quite quick leaving time for some socialising!   All parents/carers are welcome to volunteer their services either as a committee member or supporting the various roles.  Please speak to any member of the committee if you would like to be involved- the more involved you are the more you can influence how the Pre School runs and support your child.


The current committee is displayed on the notice board and can also be contacted at:

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