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What to Wear

Please send your child to preschool in clothes which you do not mind getting messy – the children have the opportunity to take part in lots of activities, some of which can be quite messy even when aprons are worn!

We have a non-compulsory uniform which a lot of the children wear; it is hard wearing and washes well, plus it hides marks quite well …   For some children, the uniform helps them to feel a part of the preschool and to be the same as their teachers.  We have both new and ‘pre-loved’ polo shirts and sweat tops.

Please ensure all items of clothing and bags are labelled; we highly recommend using Stikins labels which stick to everything!  Please follow the link, using the code 35485 which will earn the preschool commission.

As we have outdoor play every day, please ensure your child comes to preschool with the appropriate clothing.

  • During hot weather, all children will need to wear a sun hat; this can either be one from home or their personalised preschool hat (during the summer term we give all the children a sun hat to decorate); please try and avoid crocs and flip flops during hot weather as these are difficult to run in and the children often trip while wearing them.  

  • During wet weather, please provide a waterproof coat and wellies; the wellies can be left at preschool and we provide waterproof trousers for all the children.

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