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Fees and Funding

Fees, Funding and Childcare Vouchers
Entitlements and  Application Process
Our Fees


Sessions, if not fully funded, are payable half termly in advance.  The current rate per 3 hour session is £15




All children become funded the term after their third birthday with Universal Nursery Education Funding.  This is for up to 15 hours per week, to a maximum of 570 hours a year over 38 weeks. We will provide you with the paperwork to secure this.


Children under the age of 3, may be eligible for 2 year old funding, which is payable subject to certain criteria being met.  Further information is available from your local Children’s Centre or at  


Once the number of funded sessions has been agreed, we are unable to make changes to this until the following term.  

You may be eligible for up to 30 hours of extended funding; you can check this at  


We are unable to check this for you; if relevant, you will need to provide us with your eligibility code before the start of term.


Childcare vouchers will ultimately be replaced by the Government’s Tax Free Childcare scheme – full details of which are available at

If you have existing vouchers you wish to use then please contact us as we are registered with a number of Childcare Voucher companies.


Funding can be tricky but we can help with any questions you may have.

Late Payment


In line with our Fees Policy we cannot accept late payment or post-dated cheques and have charges associated with these.  Please speak to us in confidence if you are having difficulties with payment.

Cancellation / Changes



The notice period for cancellation of sessions is 6 term time weeks, without which you remain responsible for invoiced hours.

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